Rugpjūčio 12 d. 19.00 atlikėjos Joanna Aleksandrowicz (Zdunska Wola, Lenkija) koncertas 'From night till night' su gyvo garso grupe (fortepijonas, perkusija, bosas) Zarasų kultūros centro koncertų salėje.

Koncerte - geriausios dainos iš kino filmų ir miuziklų. Ši programa jau buvo pristatyta daugiau nei 150 skirtingų scenų. Programoje skambės ir Astor Pizazzolla muzika... Nepraleiskite progos apsilankyti! Bilieto kaina 3 – 5 Eur. Bilietus galite įsigyti Zarasų kultūros centre renginio dieną arba rezervuoti iš anksto telefonu +37067117179 (darbo dienomis 9.00 - 16.00 val.)

Daugiau apie atlikėją ir koncertą (anglų klb.): Joanna Aleksandrowicz

Concert 'From night till night'
The most beautiful tracks from Polish film and musical Joanna Aleksandrowicz - an actress and vocalist of the young generation, she has performed on the stages of many theaters in Poland. She is currently playing the role of Bianca in the performance of The Book by Schulz” directed by Master Jan Szurmiej. She works with top film directors, including Wojciech Smarzowski and Marek Koterski. Joanna Aleksandrowicz, thanks to her ambition, determination and professional approach - created the project "From Night till Night" which she performed at over 150 music stages. The repertoire includes songs from the most famous Polish films, such as “Noce i dnie”, “Vabank”, and the cycle of Astor Pizazzolla tangos. In December 2020 took place the premiere of the first Joanna’s album in a gold edition, which takes listeners into the world of non-obvious colors of musicals and old movies. Joanna Aleksandrowicz had the opportunity to perform during the Nobel Prize winner Olga Tokarczuk’ Literary Festival, with the same concert as she is going to play in Zarasai.